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Hehe, for those classicists among you, the bbc are doing a six-part… - Have Fun Go Mad
5 Had Fun ~*~ Go Mad
elven_sg1 From: elven_sg1 Date: 21st January 2009 21:56 (UTC) (Link)
I had thought that the Pit was in fact a different site entirely but apparently not.

"The Pit, also known as the Pit of Voles, the Sewer, the Reeking Pit of Open Sue-age, and fanfiction.net, is the biggest source of badfic. This is because, while there are rules about spelling, grammar, and content, the site is so huge that they are rarely enforced. It also hosts fanfiction for a wide variety of fandoms, making it very easy for users to write stories set in worlds they know almost nothing about."
foxfireblue From: foxfireblue Date: 22nd January 2009 20:45 (UTC) (Link)
lol i got confused when i couldn't find anywhere to find out what it meant. thankies my loooverly. lol i need to write more tnj. it doesn't count as fanfic, honest! *shifty look* :D
5 Had Fun ~*~ Go Mad