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Hehe, for those classicists among you, the bbc are doing a six-part… - Have Fun Go Mad
5 Had Fun ~*~ Go Mad
chirugal From: chirugal Date: 22nd January 2009 00:06 (UTC) (Link)
We are indeed calling ff.net 'the Pit' - since it's the place where badfic breeds... Did you find the badfic_quotes community via my friends list, by any chance? :D

I know, the concept of writing for fun seems a little weird, doesn't it? Well, unless you write fanfic. (Me = sad!)

And I hope the divorce process isn't too complicated and costly. :/
foxfireblue From: foxfireblue Date: 22nd January 2009 20:44 (UTC) (Link)
Indeed i did lol, though i may have to stop showing it on my friends page cos i get confused looking for friends entries in between fic XD hehe.

yeah, £400 most, which isn't tooooo bad in the scheme of things, though may see whether my father in law would get him to pay half if i have to pay...

i am also (along with updating more (read: at all)) going to try to write fluff in a fanficcy way (the stuff i used to write for fun and pastimes rather than 'holy crap i've just applied to do creative writing, i better write some non-fanfic!'
chirugal From: chirugal Date: 24th January 2009 04:57 (UTC) (Link)
Ooh, really, what fandom? :)

badfic_quotes is just hilarious... I can spend hours on there. I feel sort of mean for laughing at bad writing, but then I put my bitchy head on and that feeling disappears... XD

Yeah, your ex should have to pay half of the legal fees - it's only fair! Fingers crossed you manage to get him to do it...
5 Had Fun ~*~ Go Mad