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My goodness, I haven't updated this properly in what seems like… - Have Fun Go Mad
My goodness, I haven't updated this properly in what seems like years. I've been on the go for the lst few months, living in Leeds and London and on a megabus coach on the M1. Dissertation is now in, thank god, and I'm now home for a couple of weeks for easter. I think things need to settle down a bit, and quickly; I feel as though I'm doing all this stuff but not living at the moment. We'll see, hopefully things will get better.
I'm going to try to update this more from now on. (How many people have been thinking that recently? lol) I'm 21 on tuesday, which is mildly scary but not really exciting. Have I really got that old that quickly? I look back at early entries and I'm a lot more easy-going, and fun, i think. Who knows? Perhaps being young makes everything better (Look at me, talking as if i'm fifty eight and going nowhere!).
So yeah, more livejournal updating for me, and I'll try to relax a bit too.

Current Location: Home!
Feeling kinda: rushed rushed

3 Had Fun ~*~ Go Mad
elven_sg1 From: elven_sg1 Date: 22nd March 2007 18:46 (UTC) (Link)
I send you relaxing vibes and the notion that we must plot a birthday celebration. *sends love*
foxfireblue From: foxfireblue Date: 22nd March 2007 19:46 (UTC) (Link)
Yays! When are you home/brumming it this easter? we need to plan! *gets out planning paper*
_times_of_grace From: _times_of_grace Date: 23rd March 2007 05:50 (UTC) (Link)

Dread to think how long it took you to get your creative project in ;D, mine was in at 4pm (mother gave me a lift and got mildly lost, that's my excuse and balls to 'em if they dock me marks!).
How long does the megabus take? National Express is four hours, a bit more expensive but less scary looking than the megabusmonster. However they are known for overturning...

Hope you are a well Jenjen, also BEWARE THE RAVAGES OF AGE.

Bises xx
3 Had Fun ~*~ Go Mad